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Rocking Cactus Designs

Our Mission

In my heart I felt compelled to start producing t-shirts to promote wearing red on Friday. I feel an urgency to help spread awareness of the sacrifices of military families. I started my business, Rocking Cactus Designs, and have created shirts that combine military pride with faith driven support utilizing the Red Shirt Friday theme. I have driven town to town around Oklahoma to promote this cause. Each of my shirts use a Scripture verse to communicate our faith and support. I’m amazed at how my effort is being received. Schools and businesses are having me put their logos on the sleeve and they are encouraging the students and employees to wear Red on Friday. I am blessed to have received 24 proclamations in Oklahoma towns and counties to make Fridays wear red day in support of our troops.

My involvement in this cause has taken off beyond my wildest dreams. I am continuing to seek God for guidance as I follow His plan for me. As a way to give back, I am giving 10% of my revenues to the local Blue Star Mom’s organizations where my shirts are sold.

Our Blue Star Mom’s have sacrificed so much, and their efforts to send packages to our troops brings a little bit of home and brightens the day of our heroes so far away. To a Marine Mom, that is a huge comfort that others show care and support for my son. To date I have been able to donate $2,000 to Blue Star Mom’s.

Our Story

Why me, why now, why R.E.D.

My name is Brandi Taylor, a very proud Marine Mom. My son enlisted in the Marines in September of 2017 after graduating from Oologah-Talala public high school. When he went into boot camp, I was given a red shirt. I was unaware of the tradition of Red Shirt Friday and did not understand the purpose behind it.

In 2005 there was a grassroots movement among military families to promote wearing Red on Fridays to show support to our military service personnel. RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. Across America on Friday nights people wear colors to support their local team. This movement decided to show support for those that sacrifice and selflessly fight for the liberty we enjoy by wearing red on Friday. This is a growing word of mouth campaign that I have chosen to get behind.

I wanted to personally get involved in this effort. As a mom, I worry about the safety of my son as he proudly serves his country while deployed overseas. It can be an emotional roller coaster when we can’t know what he is facing on a daily basis. For me, I lean on my faith in God for the safety and security of my Marine and the sons and daughters and loved ones of others that are service members in all military branches in America.

I plan to continue raising awareness of Wearing Red on Friday in support of those deployed. I will take this Cause as far as God allows. Will you join me as we continue growing awareness? We want to help the public to show true gratitude for the troops and families that sacrifice so much as they fight for our freedom on our behalf. They are truly the 1% that give their all for each of us!


Brandi Taylor
President and Marine Mom

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