Painting the Nation R.E.D.


governor stitt signs official oklahoma proclamation of r.e.d. friday

How thankful we are this Independence Day that we are blessed to live in a democracy.

We not only have the freedom to elect whom represents us and leads our country, but we also have the liberty to openly complain about, degrade and even mock them publicly, and without fear of persecution. These freedoms that are often taken for granted ARE NOT FREE. A very dear price was paid to get them - rent is due, everyday.

We are thankful and proud to announce that Governor Stitt and the State of Oklahoma joined our cause earlier this very historically significant week, by signing an official proclamation in support of Wear R.E.D. Friday. This state-level proclamation reaffirms our state government’s support for our local governments who have previously proclaimed R.E.D. Friday within their own jurisdictions, and positions our state as an example to the rest of the Nation to Stand United in support of our U.S. Armed Forces.

When God called me to this mission, I said, “But it’s just me, Lord. I’m just Brandi. They don’t have any reason to listen to me, let alone follow me.” Just as David stood before Goliath with no armor, no experience, and no training - God called me to do something and challenged me to have faith that He could accomplish great things through me… through “just Brandi.” I want to encourage you all to face the Goliath in your life with full faith in the strongest and highest authority of man: Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy, happy INDEPENDENCE DAY. Celebrate your freedom this year with a commitment to honor the sacrifices of those who fought - and continue to fight for them. Wear red. Fly the American flag. Volunteer in homeland efforts. Be an active participant in electing those whom represent you. Respectfully refrain from conversations and activities that downgrade our country and its elected officials… Everyone’s term will end eventually, but your integrity will last as long as you maintain it.


courageous: heroes behind hollywood feature film, 12 strong

When we started this journey, every one of our designs was lead by God’s inspiration to give hope through our shirts. I stopped by a business to sell Wear Red shirts and little did I know the door God was fixing to open for us! I met an amazing man of God that day, who asked me to put a verse on a shirt for the men portrayed in the move 12 Strong; Bill Kolb asked me to use Isaiah 6:8.

I knew immediately which design it would be. It was an idea that God had given me, that I had never quite been able to finish on my own. It was for this reason, that I hadn’t. I wasn’t supposed to. God had prepared me for that very conversation and one of our most rewarding shirt designs: COURAGEOUS.

That wasn’t my only conversation with Bill that day. He called me later and said, “Do you believe that God puts people in your path for a reason?” I can’t begin to express how deep in my heart I KNOW that He does. Bill is one of those people.

Isaiah 6:8 was the message that God sent me through Bill. The COURAGEOUS shirts were finished and shipped to retired Army Major Mark Nutsch and the first Special Forces soldiers to enter Afghanistan in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion when I received this photo of Maj. Nutsch on June 6, 2019. He wore his COURAGEOUS shirt under his jump suit, as his team parachuted over Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. I’m still overwhelmed with emotion every time I see it.

THIS is WHY, y’all. Rocking Cactus Designs is how I answer God’s call; I am humbled to do His work, honoring those whose calling is brave, honorable and COURAGEOUS.


Powerwomen podcast

Conversations with Powerful Women about moving the pendulum. Host Claire Brown talks to Rocking Cactus Designs president, Brandi Taylor, about her personal convictions and journey to “move the pendulum” on the R.E.D. movement through faith driven military pride wear.


Go RED Awareness gaining momentum across the state

“We wear red on Fridays to support our favorite teams; why not wear red to remind everyone - we are all on the same team?”

Tulsa’s KTUL News Channel 8 features Rocking Cactus Designs, May 2019.

Terrie Warren-Foster Nowland.jpg

Heroes come in all forms

As exciting as starting a new business is, it can also be very scary. You can hear God calling, and want to be obedient, but a very human part of you fears the unknown. I immediately had a lot of great ideas, but I knew nothing about owning and running a business. It’s one thing to design and sell shirts, but to be responsible for all of the business financials were enough to make me want to turn around and run!

Someone told me this week that they key to being successful in in business is surrounding yourself with great people. Other people know and are good at the things I am not, and that I should seek those people so that I could focus on what I know and do well - and spend my energy on those things.

I wanted to give recognition to one of my “great people.” Terrie Warren-Foster Nowland is an inspirational woman in my life. I am fortunate enough to call her “Aunt Terrie,” and to have been raised with her love and guidance in life and faith. The day I called her and said that I, “wanted to run something by her,” I knew immediately that I had called the right woman. She listened as I talked about Rocking Cactus Designs and the concerns I had starting a business. She said that she knew the passion in my heart and the faith I stood on. She said that she was behind me - and that God was leading me. It was the reassurance I needed, from a trusted and “faith-full” friend, to run headlong toward God’s mission for me.

Coaching is Aunt Terrie’s calling. She is a certified John Maxwell Coach and specializes in emotional intelligence. She has been an inspiration to me, both spiritually and professionally.

Everyone needs an Aunt Terrie in their life. More importantly, we should all BE Aunt Terries. You don’t have to be a professional coach to be an encouragement to others, or to share with them the words that God speaks through you. And you don’t have to be discouraged or deterred from your dreams, by fear.

Surround yourself with great people - become an even greater person - and encourage others to become the greatest THEY can be.